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Custom Homes

From Concept to Hand-over

From concept and design, right through to the final hand-over of your brand new home, the Hasteen building team take great pride in delivering a result that reflects your individual style, needs and desires.

Our dedicated service to quality starts with the knowledge that a house, is a Home. And that constructing a dwelling is creating an environment for you and your families future.

Discuss your ideas with us and start talking about your ideal home. Brainstorming some concepts with an experienced and enthusiastic team who have the well grounded technical know-how to create realistic outcomes is a great way to jumpstart inspiration!

Formulate some ideas for different kitchen, living and dining plans, bedroom, bathroom and ensuite configurations. Peruse some options in garages and driveways, doors and window frames. We’ll start bringing together some sketches of your concepts and designs.

Make your mark!

Choose from our range of new home designs or create a unique custom-built home. Take a look at our current properties to draw ideas and discuss the possibilities or enjoy the journey of designing and building a completely new customised home.

In consultation with you all the way, our expert team will also guide you through all of the available internal and external options including roofing, ceiling, glazing and window frames, flooring, fixtures, heating/cooling, electrical, lighting designs and colour scheme choices.  

Whether you already know exactly what you want or whether you need help to run through all the options, we will talk and walk you through every stage of the whole building process to make your dream home come to life.

With an extensive and ever changing range of building products, Hasteen will guide you in the right direction to make the best selections based on your preferences and requirements.

Stamp of Security

We will develop a comprehensive plan with you that will encapsulate a start to finish project, clearly laid out, quality benchmarked, signed, sealed and delivered on time.

Every part is taken into consideration and worked out to optimise your new homes fullest potential including budget, block size, location, positioning and developer and town planning requirements.

Once you are satisfied with the completed designs and are ready for the next step, we start the process of securing all of the necessary council and developer approvals. The exact requirements will be identified, including for example, dispensation, consent to build on flood prone land, septic tank and fencing applications.

Likewise, Hasteen Builders will ensure that your house not only meets the current 6 star energy rating standard and is made to be environmentally friendly but is also very importantly, cost effective. As from the start, completion is geared for life-long satisfaction.

And on hand-over day, you’ll be proudly turning the keys into your own brand new home!

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